Jenna Kaës | Domestic monument to awaken visions #13 | Signed and numbered, hand poured glass object

185 EUR
Shipping and handling per order
Netherlands: €3,92
International: €7,25
Technique: Pâte de verre
Measurements: 9,7 × 14,3 × 4,3 cm

Like a postcard, each individually made glass monument gives the viewer a sense voyage. When placed in the home, a door opens. As natural ambiant light bathes the object throughout the day, a variety of colors is revealed within its layers, marking time and space for contemplation.
The monuments are made investigating the old-fashioned technique of « Pâte de verre ».
Kaës layers a variety of glass fragments into a handmade plaster mold, creating a unique composition for each piece. The form is then heated to 900 degrees Celsius, melting the fragments into harmoniously hued clouds. Once cooled, each piece is lightly sanded to create an infinite and opaque density. The sense of depth within the color composition is inspired by Kaës’ ongoing research of symbolist painting techniques, such as with the work of Redon and Moreau.

Jenna Kaës is a French product designer, focused on giving shape to mysticism today. Her objects reflect on people’s unconscious, their love, their fears, and how to memorialize death in a contemporary setting. Her work also includes collaborations with companies which utilize traditional artisanal crafts, designing objects which perpetuate arcane techniques. Kaës holds a master degree in design for luxury and craftsmanship from Écal (Switzerland).