Oasis and Lagoon | Playa Negro

Hand coloured (with oil pastels) on double coated, white cardboard.

You are an artist. Do you remember the wonderful colours that occur unexpectedly when sucking on a jawbreaker candy? The same effect we try to achieve when scratching the card with a dip pen. You’ll experience a happy feeling and get a big smile when you discover the real artist in you. Surprisingly the colours appear unpredictably and add a special effect to your artistic skills. Send this card from your most favourite destination.

Oasis and Lagoon are Cathelijne Engelkes and Marcel van Kan:

After graduating from the Jewellery department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam in 1998, Cathelijne set up her own atelier. Her entrepreneurial attitude introduced her to a wide range of workfields and networks, and she is well connected in the international field of design, art and jewellery. In 2007 Cathelijne became a senior team member of Atelier Ted Noten. Acting as personal assistant to Ted, she was in charge of acquisitions for design work, exhibitions and publications. Apart from her practice she is a practice-based coach, helping young designers and artists develop their professional practices.

Marcel’s ambition and vision stretch the concept of design, provoking audiences and students to rethink their conceptions and actions towards consumerism. Trained as a silversmith, Marcel holds a BA in 3D Design from HKU and works as an independent conceptual designer. He co-founded Oasis and Lagoon and The State of Wellbeing, a cultural platform questioning design in relation to happiness. Currently a Design Project tutor at Product Design ArtEZ, he also coordinates Fashion & Textiles at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD). As a freelancer he has worked for Atelier Ted Noten and completed commissioned projects by Zuiderzee Museum Enkhuizen, Museum Arnhem, Museum Of Contemporary Art Tokyo, MIMA Middlesbrough, and Ornamentum Gallery New York.